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Naturalists Notes
Naturalists Notes 6-1-18

June 1, 2018

12:00 PM

The latest pattern of whale sightings have shown that the humpbacks are on the move. It’s uncommon for large numbers of whales to stay in one area for long periods of time so this comes as no surprise and makes the search a bit more unpredictable (if whales could ever be described as predictable!). We spotted Grand Manan, a new whale for many of us near the northwest corner and it kept us guessing as to where to look while it foraged for fish, as evidenced by the occasional bubble cloud left behind in its path.

We had noticed there were a few other whales in the area so we decided to investigate. One blow was spotted straight ahead but we are attention was diverted by Geometry, who began flipper slapping as we headed closer. This behavior was soon followed by three tail breaches from Nuke who then dove out of our sights. As we turned for home, Hancock made a sudden appearance by lunging up into her bubble cloud off the port pulpit before diving down again. I wonder what this weekend will bring?

Laura L., Chelsi, Medha, and Eman


2:30 PM

Good evening whale town, The 230pm excursion aboard the M/V Sanctuary found its mark on Hancock, a female Humpback whale detected on the northern fog bank.  Hancock surfaced in random locales contrary to her surface heading, and bubble clouds preceding her ascension suggested hunting in unseen depths.  Her dives of 5-7 minutes left us wanting for a leviathan more present, and so we partook in surfacings by a second Humpback whale, Mogul. The spell cast by these mysticete magi leave minds churning for future fortune.

Periscope Down, Rich WD