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Naturalists Notes
Naturalists Notes 5-29-18

May 29, 2018

10:00 AM

Today was a day of polar opposites but the bright skies and devoted passengers deserved each breathtaking sight. We surfed all the way to the northwest corner over some large, daunting swells in the midst of a bit of haze. A minke whale was spotted briefly as well as a handful of fishing vessels and a single humpback whale was noticed nearby. The whale circled around blowing fizzy bubble clouds (see photo) and when we finally had a close look I realized it was Mogul! He is one of my very favorites and I’ve lots of cool experiences with him, one that comes to mind was being at anchor for a day of fishing on a warm, calm day with Mogul circling around within sight for most of the day. A gray seal was also spotted enjoying some lunch of a larger species and we cruised back on smooth seas.

Laura L., Annie, and Eman


12:00 PM

From southern Stellwagen arose

Two Humpback whales in mirrored prose,

Both beasts were cherub in their scale

And held grey brume upon each tail.

From this pair, one whale did fledge,

To levitate on ocean’s edge.

This feat was echoed to swells north

As distant humpbacks leapt from Earth.

Upon Aurora’s portside bow

Emerged three whales, two known as cow.

Jabiru called her calf to side

Along her flank of onyx hide.

Venom emerged in bassoon call,

Seen to ascend in photic hall.

The jade green bloom of plankon lit

Above the pearl of flipper mitt.

Pele, a third Humpback laid claim

To air above swells calm and lame.

Jabiru’s calf rolled and flipped,

Frolicking as its peers dipped.

Off our stern, whale caravan:

Crinkle, A-Plus, amidst a clan.

These Humpbacks breached upon the calm,

A thunderous departure psalm!

Periscope Down, Rich W D


2:30 PM

In the afternoon we headed southeast where we found about as many seals as we did whales! It was really fun to see them pop up and swimming in the glassy water in contrast to the massive cetaceans. The humpbacks were scattered about in small groupings, sometimes coming together to feed in larger groups before moving off again. We spotted at least two mom and calf pairs (Jabiru and Venom) in addition to A-Plus, Aerospace, Jungle, Vault, Mend, Toboggan, Geometry, Pele, and two others.

It was about time to head back to Boston when Jabiru and her calf held on to our attention in a big way- mom breached, followed by her little calf! She continued to chin breach and it was striking to see from a full body calf breach that the little whale was barely the length of mom’s rostrum! A little flipper slapping from Jabiru followed by a handful of tail breaches made for a great end to our trip and we all headed home very happy.

Laura L., Annie, and Eman