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Naturalists Notes
Naturalists Notes 5-30-18

May 30, 2018

10:00 AM

Greetings Whale Town, Today’s midbank foray aboard 10am Asteria trek brought us amidst a dozen Gray and Harbor seals, as well as 5 Humpback whales known as Bolide, Pele, Milkyweed, and Venom with calf.  Bolide mightily lobbed her tail and thrashed heartily, while Venom’s calf visited our vessel during its mother’s subsurface forays.  We noted a sixth Humpback whale, Nile, headed northward at the trips beginning, and strangely did this whale surface towards the south to conclude this trip upon easterly swells.

Periscope Down, Rich W D & Chelsi N


12:00 PM

On the Aurora today we found whales along the southern edge of Stellwagen Bank. Though it was a windy day, we were able to spot about 10-15 scattered humpbacks, all traveling in small groups. We spent our day with a group consisting of Venom and calf, Milkweed, and Pele, and then Bolide joined the group shortly after. Once Bolide joined, the group became a bit more fast-paced, and did some interesting turns and bubble blowing at the surface, perhaps coordinating deep feeding. The calf even rolled at the surface a few times during this action. We also had a ton of seal sightings today! We spotted close to 15 grey and harbor seals.

Sincerely, Laura Howes


2:30 PM

Our 230pm excursion aboard the Sanctuary was made south of the shipping lanes amidst trenches of inquisitive Harbor seals, perhaps 20 in quantity.  Amidst these pinnipeds we noted Humpback whales Boutonniere and Spell traveling in the company of a third whale who has reappeared over the last several whale watches, yet evades any connection to our fluke catalogues.  These whales descended on dives lasting 5-10 minutes.  These encounters leave us longing for our next trek to Stellwagen Bank, with an ocean of time between our hearts and the day ahead.

Periscope Down, Rich W D & Chelsi N