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Naturalists Notes
Naturalists Notes 11-18-17

November 18, 2017

12:00 PM

Today on seas of ashen gray

We found tall brumes of mammal spray

Amidst the middle shipping flank

Of New England’s Stellwagen Bank.


The blows burst forth in columns three

From Patchwork, Bowline, and Basmati!

A triad of leviathans

Who pushed our beliefs to their ends.


These Humpback whales of fluke and pleat

Cast doughy air with every bleat.

They chose to synchronize each dive

For sea bound minutes of three to five.


Basmati bowed into green murk

Followed by Bowline and Patchwork

In foraging mathematics

To sup in worlds most pelagic


The Salacia lingered as shadow

To animals of stovebolt brow

Allotting them tranquility

As they fed under swaying sea.


Upon us is the final tide

Of whales upholstered in black hide

That transcend their mere mortal state

By tales that swim in written gate.

Periscope Down, Richard W Dolan