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Naturalists Notes
Naturalists Notes 11-3-17

November 3, 2017

12:00 PM

Wow, just wow! Today was just pure fun with such a great trip. We headed up the coast of Cape Ann and were just approaching the southern edge of Jeffreys Ledge when the first blows of the day were spotted in dramatic fashion. Instead of just one or two whales being spotted initially we quickly realized there were at least four in the area. We came to find two pairs- Lutris & Samara and Nuke & Rune. Once we had stopped we realized there were more whales a few miles to the east, and then a trio made their appearance. Draco and Reaper had made our sightings list already, but it was a favorite of mine, Tornado, who I was especially excited to see. Bruna and I had realized that in trying to sort out the different groups of whales we had forgotten to keep track of the time of the latest dive and were wondering how to predict when the whales might resurface when Lutris and Samara calmed our worries by startling all of us by surfacing from under the boat.

Even though the whales were split into groups of two or three, they all seemed to dive and resurface at the same times. Draco gave a bit of a lobtail while sandwiched between Reaper and Tornado, and a few harbor seals spent quite a bit of time with us as well.  Gannets and gulls circled the area and a pod of harbor porpoise bobbed in the waves too. I truly cannot wait to be on the water again after today!

Laura L. and Bruna