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Naturalists Notes
Naturalists Notes 11-9-17

November 9, 2017

12:00 PM

Today’s super trip surprised both passengers and crew alike- you never really know how the day is going to go with whale watching in November! Along our ride to southern Jeffreys we spotted a few seals here and there as well as a cluster of gannets with the stray shearwater sighting. Eventually we came to a trio of humpback whales- Pluma, Lightning, and a little whale by her side. The whales were not staying under the surface for too long but also allowed us chances to notice at least eight other whales in the area. We were getting some great looks at the trio when they began to shift around a little bit- turning at angles toward each other, swapping positioning in their lineup. I was shocked but not shocked when Pluma erupted with two enormous tail breaches, followed by some flipper slapping by the smallest of the three.

There was a lot of wildlife out there for passengers who braved chilly temperatures and at one point we found ourselves flanked on either side by three seals, including a pair who were resting together at the surface in the high, rolly swells. On our ride home we also spotted two small pods of harbor porpoise off the coast of Cape Ann. The beautiful lighting really complemented the photos from our seascape scavenger hunt!

Laura L. and Emily