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Naturalists Notes
Naturalists Notes 11-15-18

November 15, 2018

12:00 PM

Hello, Today on the whale watch we were excited to get out on one of the last few good weather days before our season ends. We began by traveling to the NW corner of Stellwagen, where we had quite a bit of whale action the previous weekend. The corner was a bit more quiet now, and we spent time with a long-diving humpback pair, one of who was a female named Nine.

We decided to travel along the western edge of the bank, spotting several harbor porpoise and even some leaping tuna. We spotted about 10 whales as we traveled along the western edge, but decided to head near the SW corner of the bank following some intel that there was more activity. And luckily we did, because when we arrived south, we found at least 20-30 more humpbacks scattered within a 3 mile radius! It’s exciting to imagine how much bait was below the surface with so much activity, and some of it was probably near the surface as well, since we spotted hundreds of great shearwaters and northern gannets following along the trios and quartets of humpbacks. Other individuals we spotted Dome, Crinkle, Ganesh 14 calf, 3.14, Perseid, Coral, and Bolide. It was a wonderful afternoon to be surrounded by blows and bait!

Sincerely, Laura H.