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Naturalists Notes
Naturalists Notes 10-6-16

October 6, 2016


On today’s trip aboard the Asteria, we were astounded to find so many humpbacks feeding in the area!

We estimated a total of 20-25 humpbacks, many of which working in larger groups (up to 6-7 individuals) to form big spiral bubble nets followed by massive lunging mouths.

In the middle of sometimes 2-3 bubble nets at once, we also watched several whales kick-feeding.

One of which stole the show was humpback Banyan – and the water was so clear you could see how this whale would move quickly through the water, allowing us to understand more of this impressive feeding technique.

It was also the most baleen I’ve seen in a while! Total whales identified were Tracer, Evolution, Banyan, Rocker, Hippocampus, Aswan, Snare, Osprey, Kappa, Komodo, Aerospace, Putter, Vault, and Jungle.

Laura H., Naturalist